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Consultations are collaborative, fully engaging the client in the design of the intervention and the facilitation strategy to achieve the desired results 


Morehouse School of Medicine



Project Description

In December of 2010 the Morehouse School of Medicine, on behalf of the Atlanta University Center Consortium and in partnership with the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta, was awarded a $500,000 planning grant from the U.S. Department of Education to create an Atlanta Promise Neighborhood.  For the last six months, stakeholders have been working to create the Atlanta Promise Neighborhood strategic plan for implementation as a pre‐requisite to securing a larger, multi-million dollar implementation grant.


C & M has served as facilitator for the planning process which required the collaboration of multiple partners, agencies, organizations and stakeholders in the completion of a comprehensive needs assessment, asset mapping and research of best practice strategies across five disciplines – education, health and wellness, housing, economic development and safety and security -- to create a continuum of solutions to be collaboratively applied by leveraging community resources.


The resulting strategic implementation plan will define an organizational and governance structure, vision, mission, goals, strategies, outcome measures and budget for a newly created Atlanta Promise Neighborhood Alliance. 


Promise Neighborhood

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