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     Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor

Michigan Street Heritage Corridor
Heritage Corridor Boundary

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Final Draft
Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor Manangement Plan

Vision Statement

The Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor is a nationally and internationally recognized Buffalo neighborhood that serves as the focal point of residents’ and visitors’ experience for learning about Buffalo’s rich African American history through its vibrant neighborhoods, shops, restaurants, unique structures, historical markers, people and institutions, as well as its significant impact on local, national and international history.

The Heritage Corridor’s festivals, cultural events and artistic programming draw residents, national and international tourists, scholars and artists, writers, storytellers, poets, dancers, and actors to a thriving, community of historic urban scale.

The Corridor contributes to the local and regional economy, the conservation of its cultural resources benefits and unites people and places. 

Corridor Boundary

Based on the overlapping history and culture of Buffalo three resource areas have been identified that are essential to the success of the heritage corridor management plan:

Michigan Street Heritage Corridor

Corridor Contributing Area

Thematic Heritage Area

Contributing Area Thematic Area
Contributing Area Thematic Area

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