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A management consulting firm providing strategic positioning and change management services to public, private and non-profit organizations
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 fa·cil·i·tate [fuh-sil-i-teyt]

To make easier or less difficult; help forward (an action, a direction, a process, a strategy, etc.); to assist the progress of (a person, group or organization): E.g., Clarification & Mediation, Inc. facilitates consensus, innovation and workable solutions.

Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary,
© Random House, Inc. 2006.
C&M has a 30 year history of providing value added services to a diverse array of clients, offering innovative approaches that marry subject matter and facilitation expertise to effect change in a variety of environments.
Consultations are collaborative, fully engaging the client in the design of the intervention and the facilitation strategy to achieve the desired results.

C&M News

Listen to the Civic Strategies podcast with C&M President & CEO Clara Axam talking about about her leadership of the Mechanicsville Community Learning Collaborative.

Read the Macon Telegraph article about the Second Street Transformation: Pathway to Macon's Future project.

Watch a YouTube video and experience the connections, collaboration and commitment resulting from the C&M faciliated San Antonio Eastside Reinvestment Summit.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and residents at the
San Antonio Eastside Reinvestment Summit

Engagements typically begin with an assessment phase that may consist of interviews, surveys, focus groups, public hearings, group facilitation, process reviews, benchmarking of best practices or some combination of these technologies. 

C&M serves as the administrative hub for a strategic alliance of professional associates, each with specific subject matter expertise and experience in addition to extensive training as a process facilitator.
The Corridor

Visit the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor project page

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